The Pilgrimage Garden Club

The Pilgrimage Garden Club

Natchez, Mississippi


serving our community,

preserving our heritage,

caring for our environment



Mission Statement

The Pilgrimage Garden Club is Dedicated to Serving Our Community, Preserving Our Heritage, Caring for Our Environment and the Preservation of Stanton Hall and Longwood.


The Pilgrimage Garden Club was founded in 1936 by a Group of Very Determined Women.

Benefits of Donating

The Pilgrimage Garden Club is charged with the Preservation and Maintenance of National Historic Landmarks Longwood and Stanton Hall.  The PGC is dependent on private donations as it receives no federal or state funding.  Donations may be considered tax deductible.





Stanton Hall

Stanton Hall


Natchez, established in 1716, high on a magnificent bluff overlooking the Mighty Mississippi, has more than 600 examples of Antebellum Architecture. During Pilgrimage seasons more privately owned historic homes open their doors than any other time of the year. Natchez is treasured worldwide as a living museum of southern history and a hallmark of hospitality.

+ future projects

Future Longwood projects include:

To design exhibits to illustrate the lives of these people.

To complete the narrative of the building of Longwood, including the efforts of the enslaved people who produced the more than 750,000 bricks used in the construction.

+ current projects

The PGC continues to undertake the exterior restoration of Stanton Hall. The primary goal at this time is to repair the cornice of the structure.

Current Longwood projects include:

Painting of the exterior millwork of the 30,000 square foot building, exterior and interior, including the dome.

Development of the servants quarters to fully interpret the lives of the enslaved persons who served as house servants, cooks, and seamstresses.

+ past projects

A few of the past projects include:

Winter 2018 - Stanton Hall Garden Restored the garden outside the Carriage House at Stanton Hall by redoing the landscaping and restoring brickwork.

December 2018 - Holly Half Marathon $6000 raised to support the ongoing restoration of Stanton Hall cupola and copper roofing and lime plaster cornices. (Total restoration estimated at 1 million dollars, $300,000 has been raised to date and work has commenced).

At Longwood in 2016 the PGC restored the “slave” dependence to ensure the education to the public on the daily life of the southern enslaved person.

The PGC in the late 1990’s completed a city-wide beautification project “2000 for 2000”. A project to plant 2000 crepe myrtle trees. The project surpassed its goal, now the streets of Natchez are enlivened with 3 colors during the “long hot summer”.

Stanton Hall

Stanton Hall

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